The Dreamers
The Dreamers A Novel By Walker, Karen Thompson Book - 2019 | First edition

The first thing I have to mention (because I've been obsessing over it): the COLONS. There's. So. Many. It was the first thing I noticed, and soon it became difficult not to be distracted by them. On some pages there were 3-5 used to focus in on a concept or character. I can understand that they are used with the intention of creating a unique authored voice, but it was hard to ignore.
I will say that the concept was interesting. I love dreams, and the novel definitely took on a dream-like tone in its weaving between different characters and the slow development of the virus. However, I agree with other reviewers' posts that it concludes very open-ended; it is definitely intended to make the reader ponder in an existential or philosophical way. All in all, a pretty good fiction read that I am still on the fence about recommending to others. And that's the tea.

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