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Choose Civility

Citizenville How to Take the Town Square Digital and Reinvent Government By Newsom, Gavin Christopher Book - 2013 352.38 NEWSOM Available in some locations
Choosing Civility
Choosing Civility The Twenty-five Rules of Considerate Conduct By Forni, Pier Massimo Book - 2002 395 FORNI Available in some locations
Democracy in Motion
Democracy in Motion Evaluating the Practice and Impact of Deliberative Civic Engagement Book - 2012 323.042 DEMOCRAC Available in some locations
Justice What's the Right Thing to Do? By Sandel, Michael J. Book - 2009 172 SANDEL Available in some locations
Moral Tribes
Moral Tribes Emotion, Reason, and the Gap Between Us and Them By Greene, Joshua David Book - 2013 170 GREENE Available in some locations
Give and Take
Give and Take A Revolutionary Approach to Success By Grant, Adam M. Book - 2013 158.2 GRANT Available in some locations
Bowling Alone
Bowling Alone The Collapse and Revival of American Community By Putnam, Robert D. Book - 2000 306.0973 PUTNAM All copies in use Availability details
What Then Must We Do?
What Then Must We Do? Straight Talk About the Next American Revolution By Alperovitz, Gar Book - 2013 330.973 ALPEROVI All copies in use Availability details
Empowering Public Wisdom
Empowering Public Wisdom A Practical Vision of Citizen-led Politics By Atlee, Tom Book - 2012 321.8 ATLEE All copies in use Availability details
Soul of A Citizen
Soul of A Citizen Living With Conviction in Challenging Times By Loeb, Paul Rogat Book - 2010 361.2 LOEB Available in some locations
Multicultural Manners
Multicultural Manners New Rules of Etiquette for A Changing Society By Dresser, Norine Book - 1996 395 DRESSER Available in some locations
Blindspot Hidden Biases of Good People By Banaji, Mahzarin R. Book - 2013 155.92 BANAJI Available in some locations
Thank You, Anarchy
Thank You, Anarchy Notes From the Occupy Apocalypse By Schneider, Nathan Book - 2013 339.20973 SCHNEIDE
March Book One By Lewis, John Book - 2013 741.5973 LEWIS All copies in use Availability details
The World Café
The World Café Shaping Our Futures Through Conversations That Matter By Brown, Juanita Book - 2005 302.346 BROWN Available in some locations
Walkable City
Walkable City How Downtown Can Save America, One Step at A Time By Speck, Jeff Book - 2012 307.1216 SPECK All copies in use Availability details
Taking on the System
Taking on the System Rules for Radical Change in A Digital Era By Moulitsas Zúniga, Markos Book - 2008 322.4 MOULITSA All copies in use Availability details
Breaking Out
Breaking Out How to Build Influence in A World of Competing Ideas By Butman, John Book - 2013 658.4092 SCHWARZ Available in some locations
Naked City
Naked City The Death and Life of Authentic Urban Places By Zukin, Sharon Book - 2010 307.14164 ZUKIN Available in some locations
The Future
The Future Six Drivers of Global Change By Gore, Al Book - 2013 303.4 GORE Available in some locations
Organize! Building From the Local for Global Justice Book - 2012 303.4 ORGANIZE Available in some locations
It's Our World, Too!
It's Our World, Too! Stories of Young People Who Are Making A Difference By Hoose, Phillip M. Book - 1993 302.14 H789 R Me.Coll. In-library use only in some locations
Slow Democracy
Slow Democracy Rediscovering Community, Bringing Decision Making Back Home By Clark, Susan Book - 2012 321.8 CLARK All copies in use Availability details
Fight Global Warming Now
Fight Global Warming Now The Handbook for Taking Action in your Community By McKibben, Bill Book - 2007 363.70525 McKIBBEN Available in some locations
Be Good
Be Good How to Navigate the Ethics of Everything By Cohen, Randy Book - 2012 170 COHEN Available in some locations
Give Me Liberty
Give Me Liberty A Handbook for American Revolutionaries By Wolf, Naomi Book - 2008 323.0973 WOLF Available in some locations
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Prepare for PPL's upcoming Choose Civility forums by reading a great book! Choose Civility Portland will offer opportunities to engage and interact around questions about civility as an interpersonal practice, a community standard and as the foundation of Democracy. Choose Civility Portland will emphasize the link between civility and civic engagement and will offer programs and that highlight civic engagement opportunities in our community.

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